Friday, December 5, 2008

NFL Playoff Predictions 2008

It's winter and its almost the best time of the year: The NFL playoffs. Ok so most people only watch the Superbowl, and half of them only watch it for the commercials. However, for hardcore football fans, it is the best time of the year. Hear are my predictions:

AFC East- This is the closest division of the four in which three of the four teams have a good shot at winning the division. The Patriots, Jets, and Dolphins all have easy schedules with the Jets and Dolphins having to play the last game of the year against each other. The only way the patriots can get in is if the Jets lose to the Fins and the Fins lose to someone else. The only way the Fins can get in is if they beat the Jets and don't lose another game. The only way the Jets can get in is by winning out. All this assuming the other teams win their other possible games. My Prediction: Jets

AFC North- The Ravens are going into the last quarter of the season one and a half games back from the Steelers. The two teams will play in two weeks and its likely the winner of that game will win the division. However, the Ravens play a really rough schedule before and after the Steelers game which I don't think they can come out of alive. My Prediction: Steelers

AFC West- This division is pretty much locked up by the Denver Broncos. It would take the Broncos losing all of their games and the Chargers winning theirs to make a difference. Honestly I don't think thats going to happen. My Prediction: Broncos

AFC South - This division is held by three games by the Titans. It would take a miracle for the Colts to win the AFC south. The Titans play the Browns, Texans, Steelers, and Colts. If they can either lock up two of these wins their in. If they only beat the Texans or Colts their in. So it is nearly impossible for the Colts to win the division this year. My Prediction: Titans

Wildcards - Assuming my predictions were right the wildcard possibilities would be: Patriots, Dolphins, Ravens, and Colts. The Ravens have a really hard schedule coming up and I think the Dolphins will lose to the Jets which will give the Patriots advantage over them. My Prediction: Colts; Patriots.

NFC East - Giants have a three game lead in the division and there is really no chance for the Cowboys, Eagles, or Redskins to catch up. My Prediction: Giants

NFC North - The Vikings have the lead in the division right now, but they have a hard remaining schedule while the Bears and Packers have easier schedules. Green Bay won in their first meeting with Chicago and if they beat Chicago again I think they will win the division. Also as long as they beat Detroit and the Vikings lose two more of their games (in which they have to play the Giants for one of them) the Green Bay Packers will win that division. My Prediction: Packers

~ Blaize Pennington

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