Friday, December 12, 2008

Lady Flames soccer championship quotes

"It was great to win the championship, and especially the win against Martin. We had been practicing PK's for weeks and it paid off. It was kinda hard to go into the tournament right before finals but I had to focus on soccer and not all the exams, so it was hard to get back to the finals. However, it was totally worth it! I've already started thinking about next season and there's no doubt in my mind, we're gonna win again."

~ Linn Meløy Christensen

"It has just been awesome. The whole team is like a family and it's something we have worked together for for so long. Now that we are national champs, it's kinda hard to believe. The season has gone so fast. We're gonna win again next year."

~ Christiane Meløy Christensen

"What amazed me the most this season was watching how the girls can change their way of play on the field so quickly. During our game against Concordia in the finals, we started off a little slow. Concordia was beating us to every 50-50 ball and shutting down our passes. The game became very nerve wrecking for all of us. During the last 20 minutes of the first half, the girls took note of Concordia’s high pressure and began combining quick passes together. Eventually it paid off with six minutes left of the first half when we scored our first goal to then score another two minutes later. These girls are amazing at overcoming obstacles!"

~ Meghan Guinn

"Well, it's really hard to put on words what I felt that saturday and what this season has represented to myself. Nationals was an unforgettable experience. It could not had gone any better. Beating Martin Methodist on PK's had an amazing taste and made our confidence stronger, being the right recipe to win. Also, I want to share how proud I am of my teammates and coaching staff for all the hard work, bounding and the will to sacrifice it all for one goal.
It feels great to be part of the 1st team to win a National Title on the Lee History."

~ Marina Lima

"Wow, where to begin!? I finally feel a sense of satisisfaction. This team sets goals early on in the season and winning a national championship was one of them. After we beat Martin, our coach told us to not let it be the high point of the tournament. Although it was amazing to send Martin home, we had to keep our focus because as a team we were not yet satisfied. We knew it was our year and I felt it. We wanted this more than anything and we were not going to let ANYONE stand in our way of what was rightfully ours to take. We worked so hard and we have overcome so much this year as a team that I couldn't imagine NOT winning this thing. As for history, it feels AMAZING to be the first team to bring a national championship home. This team that i'm on, the relationaships i have built is perfect and there is no other team that is mnore deserving than this one. We worked for it, we fought for it, we cried for it, we laughed for it, and together we DID IT!!!"

~ Candice Shelton

"Wow. I have never enjoyed a soccer season as much as this one, and I have played a lot of years on a lot of teams. This team made soccer exciting for me, and helped me discover even more my love for the game. I can't say how much I respect Coach Yelton and his leadership. He is a top-notch coach. All of us girls worked so hard this season. We went through a lot, but by God's grace, we came out on top and accomplished our goals. We set high standards for ourselves, and through dedication, heart, and overall depth and talent we pulled it together! It started with an amazing trip in Brazil and ended with history! Couldn't ask for anything better than that. Winning a national tournament with my best friend/sister was a special memory we will share together. I feel blessed to be on this team and all of the girls are close to my heart."

~ Jamie Lynn Achten

"It has been an incredible experience in the last few weeks as we hosted our first ever national tournament event and to then go on and win the championship has just been an amazing chain of events to be a part of."

"The quality of the character that the players on this team posseses was on display all year. With the adversity this team was able to overcome and the chemistry that was displayed, these girls are well deserving of a championship."

"Of course none of this success would be possible without the support that we get from the Lee community, from the administration to the faculty and fans."

~ Matt Yelton
Head Soccer Coach

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