Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Prime time for pranks

Megatron and Optimus Prime have taken residency at Lee University.

The Transformers series characters have been the center of attention in a string of pranks between Medlin and Nora Chambers halls.

Medlin Hall created a giant Optimus Prime figure for their open dorm event on October 27. Shortly thereafter, two Nora Chambers residents carried away the head of the cardboard statue and painted it pink.
The latest event took place while residents of Nora Chambers Hall were attending the Midnight Breakfast, December 4.

"We've created the largest middle-of-the-night stir on Lee's campus in 15 years," said Medlin resident Matt Smith, adding that Nora could not possibly top Medlin now, no matter how hard they tried.

Smith, in addition to Medlin residents Jake Barry, Chris Dickens, Brian Jacob, Caesar Galarza, Nathan Jarrell, Tyler Fox and Matt Young, constructed a whole new cardboard Transformer in the likeness of Megatron, to be reassembled the night of the Midnight Breakfast on the balcony overlooking the lobby of Nora Chambers Hall.

When it was completed, the statue could be seen from the Humanities Center after sunset.

To keep the project a secret during construction, the figure was referred to under code names "the construct" and "Resident 419."

He was constructed in the only empty dorm room in Medlin, Room #419.

"We finished his construction and detailing at 11:20 the night of the event," Smith said. "This was not some stupid kit project... we literally constructed him ourselves from scratch with just cardboard boxes, paper, tape and glue."

The night of the prank, four Medlin residents loaded the figure into a truck and arrived at Nora Chambers just after midnight.

Smith said construction took ten minutes. Afterwards, a vague announcement was made by the emcees in the dining hall, noting that something was going on in front of Nora Chambers.

The construct weighed roughly 60 pounds and was well over 13 feet tall upon completion, Smith said. He estimated that 200 students visited the structure in the thirty minutes after the breakfast concluded.

"After hearing rumors of retaliation, I eventually gave up and thought nothing was going to happen," Medlin resident John Cotton said. "But in the end, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Medlinites prevailed again. Not only are we creative and sneaky, but we are also hilarious."
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