Monday, December 8, 2008

I printed a Facebook photo. It was the size of a business card.

The news arrived yesterday that Facebook videos are now available in high definition.

Facebook's videos also have an embedding option now, for viewers to watch on external sites. The new features show just how serious Facebook is about catching up with YouTube, which just recently announced HD video uploads as well.

While Facebook is making steady improvement to becoming a premier player in online video, I feel it's leaving the company's real star product lagging behind in the mud: Photos.

Facebook is by far the king of photo storage, sharing and viewing online. With close to 2 billion pictures, the site continues to add over 60 million more every week.

But the photo portion of the site is as stagnant as a used tic-tac-toe board.

When Facebook was relaunched with a new, wider interface only months ago, it seemed obvious that the extra space could be used for larger images and videos. Well, video is taken care of but photos seem smaller and smaller as time goes on.

Ever try using a Facebook photo for your desktop picture or to print on a calendar or fame on the wall? The quality is horrific.

Even though photo size is limited to save storage space and maintain a fast load time for pages, just the option to view or download larger sizes of an image would be an amazing improvement.

Enough people have high-speed Internet, Facebook. The demand is there. Facebook could solidify its lead in online photo sharing, or, stand by and watch other companies chip away at marketshare.

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