Thursday, December 4, 2008

A good ending for the BCS?

There is one thing almost every college football fan will agree on: no one likes the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) except the people making money from it. Why is this such a big deal? The BCS is what is keeping one loss teams Texas Tech and Texas from even having an opportunity to go to the National Championship. However, this year has one of the most open opportunities to go to the National Championship.

Five of the top six teams legitimately have a shot at the National Championship. The five teams with potential to make it are Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, USC and Utah. Texas is the odd man out and this is simply because they have no chance at winning their conference, and as Georgia saw last year you can't go to the National Championship without winning your conference.

So I'm going to break down for you how each team could get a berth in the bowl games:
Alabama - It's simple: beat Florida and you're in.
Oklahoma - All you have to do is beat Missouri and you're in.
Florida - Beat Alabama and you'll be in the National Championship.
USC - Oklahoma loses to Missouri and beat UCLA and you're in.
Utah - You've won the Mountain West conference which consisted of three top 20 teams this year. Now if Oklahoma loses to Mizzou and USC loses to UCLA you are in.

~ Blaize Pennington

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