Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fourth Strength of President Conn

Just in time for the Christmas season, here's an insight into the top five strengths of Lee's president, Dr. Paul Conn.

Incoming freshman take the StrengthsQuest test upon starting Gateway classes and faculty place cards on their own desks detailing their signature strengths, but little is known about the strengths of Dr. Conn.

So, in a five-part series (why not?), we're revealing the president's strengths, from number five to number one.

President Conn's #5 top strength was Strategic.

Without any further ado, Dr. Conn's #4 top strength is... Significance.

According to StrengthsFinder:

To begin affirming Significance as one of your dominant areas of talent, first take another look at the description of that theme: You want to be very significant in the eyes of other people. In the truest sense of the word you want to be recognized. You want to be heard. You want to stand out. You want to be known. In particular, you want to be known and appreciated for the unique strengths you bring. You feel a need to be admired as credible, professional, and successful. Likewise, you want to associate with others who are credible, professional, and successful.

And if they aren’t, you will push them to achieve until they are. Or you will move on. An independent spirit, you want your work to be a way of life rather than a job, and in that work you want to be given free rein, the leeway to do things your way. Your yearnings feel intense to you, and you honor those yearnings. And so your life is filled with goals, achievements, or qualifications that you crave. Whatever your focus — and each person is distinct — your Significance theme will keep pulling you upward, away from the mediocre toward the exceptional. It is the theme that keeps you reaching.

Now, consider this statement based on comments from individuals who possess Significance among their Signature Themes. It represents what Significance could “sound like.”

“I want my professors to know my name. The last thing I want to do is fade into the crowd, and I can never receive too much recognition.”

For further understanding of your talents, examine these five insights and select those that describe you best.
• You probably enjoy receiving public recognition for the differences you make.
• You want to have an impact on other people, groups, and society as a whole. You want the contributions you make to be viewed as substantial, powerful, and significant.
• Although many people will appreciate your talent in this theme, others may be intimidated by it, and they might not say so. Instead, they may say that you are “just wanting attention” or that you are “egocentric.”
• Significance talents are valuable because they can be a source of energy for doing good and helpful things that will outlive you. You are motivated by a driving force to produce transformational, lasting change.

Your Significance talents hold potential for strength, which is the key to excellence. These statements provide interesting insights and tips that can help you develop your talents into strengths.
• Choose jobs or positions in which you can determine your own tasks and actions. You will enjoy the exposure that comes with independence.
• Your reputation is important to you, so decide what you want it to be, and tend to it in the smallest detail. Identify and earn a designation that will add to your credibility, write an article that will give you visibility, or volunteer to speak in front of a group that will admire your achievements.
• Make a list of the goals, achievements, and qualifications you crave, and post them where you will see them every day. Use this list to inspire yourself.
• Identify your best moment of recognition or praise. What was it for? Who gave it to you? Who was the audience? What do you have to do to recreate that moment?
• Share your dreams and goals with your family or closest friends. Their expectations for you will keep you reaching for those dreams and goals.
• Attaining a degree or certification might solidify a role and status in your community.
• Voice your opinions, and put yourself in positions where your opinions can be heard and appreciated.
• Take actions that will provide the recognition you crave.

Keep watching over the next four days to find out all five of Dr. Conn's top strengths.

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