Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Faculty return to dorm life

Open dorm is a conspiracy.

For instance, December 2, three dorms scheduled Christmas parties (Atkins-Ellis, Sharp, and Davis), while five celebrated open dorm Christmas parties (Bowdle, O'Bannon, Nora Chambers, Tharp and Simmons).

Why on earth would all of the dorms schedule events on the same night? It's happened before and last night only further provided proof for my theory.

While it may seem like one giant evening of partying on campus, the truth is, it's confusing and discouraging.

If everyone's attending someone else's open dorm, then no one will be at their own open dorm to pass out goodies, dress up and play games. Not to mention that, as an event photographer, it's wildly difficult to run around to eight different places on one night.

And your eyes weren't deceiving you. There were more faculty at open dorm this year. A lot more.

Normally President Conn makes the rounds of the open dorm, inspecting the always-growing collection of holiday Conn art (including Conn snowmen, Conn gingerbread cookies, and Santa Conn to name a few). But this year quite a few staff followed in his footsteps.

How many professors can you count in the photos below?

So what motivated Lee's faculty to get involved on open dorm night?

Dr. Mauldin, actually.

In an e-mail he sent to faculty and staff Tuesday, he wrote:

"We would like to invite you and your family to join us at 7:30 p.m. for an Open House in the residence halls of three of our women’s dorms: Nora Chambers, Tharp, and Simmons…all right across the street from the Christmas Tree. Please take an extra few minutes to stop by and see the creative Christmas dectorations of our students. They have been working very hard on these creative decorations and would love to see you there! In addition, at 8:00 p.m. the men of Bowdle and O’Bannon Halls are also sponsoring on Open House. Drop in and say hello to your students. This is such a meaningful way for our students to know that you care about their “stuff” and on their “turf.” Come see where our students live. You will be glad you did!"

So, as students, how did you feel about increased faculty at open dorm?

Did you enjoy seeing more faculty around? Was it awkward? Did you meet any new professors? Any stories to share?

Hit the comments below! Oh, and see all the photos from open dorm here.

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