Friday, December 26, 2008

Brian Conn becomes friends with the Connman

For those out there keeping record, Brian Conn, director of public information, has officially become friends with Lee University President Paul Conn.

We've previously tracked Paul Conn on Facebook when he became friends with Vice President Carolyn Dirksen and his wife, Darlia Conn.

The most curious thing about it, however, is that the "Paul Conn" profile on Facebook isn't run by the president, even though the page originated with his personal e-mail address.

We've previously written about that mystery here.

So why are important Lee figures, including members of his own family, embracing the impostor Conn?

Perhaps it's all in an attempt to find out more information about the fake Conn. Or maybe they're simply jumping on the bandwagon, after his 157 other friends, mostly students.

But curiously, the fake Conn has only accepted friend requests from faculty lately, while it seems the dozens of students who request friendship never become official anymore.

It's as if the university isn't investigating the potential dangers of having an impostor unclearly representing the college president on a social network as big as Facebook.

What if the impostor Conn began posting inappropriate comments on the walls of other faculty members? What if the impostor Conn updated his status with unprofessional or disgraceful messages?

There are a million things that could go wrong, but so far the Connman has remained fairly quiet, not uploading any photos or writing on any walls. It's a solitary existence. Maybe it's a leopard waiting to strike, or perhaps just an alumni controlling the web personality of a man he admires.

No matter the man behind the mask, it's funny that a director of public information should become friends with a man whom, in reality, he knows nothing at all about.

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