Monday, December 22, 2008

Biggest changes in campus map are not what you'd expect

The additions of the Mayfield Annex, Leonard Center, and School of Religion provide the most noticeable changes to Lee University's campus map over the last few years, however, subtle alterations are often the strangest.

Examining the differences between the old campus map (Below, August 2005) and today's newer map (Above, February 2008) proves that a lot can change in less than three years.

• The campus is much, much greener. Besides the appearance that the grass has finally been watered, trees of every shape and size now dot the campus, giving Lee an environmentally-friendly image.

• The shapes containing the numbers for campus buildings have shifted from circles to squares. The squares take up less space, therefore obscuring less of the view.

• The soccer field (No. 53) has somehow gotten mysteriously larger.

• The trolley no longer stops at Livingston Hall, but it stops three times in front of the Humanities Center.

• Carroll Courts has joined the campus.

• The trolley route is no longer highlighted in gray. It's invisible!

• A compass has been added to campus.

• The legend actually matches up now.

• All buildings now have three letter codes instead of two letters. And the number count only goes to 59 instead of 61. See what happens when you demolish those art houses?

• The bridge across the creek by Storms Hall has finally been added.

•The little house that's still next to No. 56 in the old map has mysteriously vanished on the new map, even though it's still there! Not that Lee owns it of course...

One more thing....

If you have any desire to see Lee's campus map back when it was ugly and black and white, take a look at the campus map in 2002 and 2003.

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