Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 in Review: Conn beats 'Baltimore'

It may be difficult to view at such a small size, but if you click on the image above, you'll see the results with perfect clarity.

This proves it once and for all. According to the Facebook Lexicon (you must be logged in to use it), Lee University President Paul Conn rose in popularity in 2008 while student celebrity Tyrone from Baltimore has remained constant, with one spike at the end of August.

The lexicon is used to measure the occurrences of words and phrases on walls over time on the site. Being that it's the end of the year, I thought I'd check the statistics on the two most prominent Lee individuals to see who came out on top.

While they began the year on an equal field, it didn't stay that way. Obviously the success of Conn's "Press Toward the Mark" campaign continued to boost his popularity. So what accounts for the massive spike Tyrone received toward the end of August?

Easy: new students at Lee meeting Tyrone for the first time (and second & third time) and then writing about their encounters on Facebook.

How 2009 will turn out is anyone's guess, but I'm convinced we'll see soon enough.

Postscript: Keep in mind that the lexicon counts occurrences over the entirety of Facebook, not just Lee University.

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