Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A wolf whistling in sheep's clothing?

Practicing your whistling techniques may get you in trouble.

I found that out the hard way.

Before I came to Lee I was continually frustrated that every time I puckered my lips and forced a gust of air between my teeth, nothing happened. In fact, the only audible sound that emerged was the sound of a poor whistling wannabe thrusting carbon dioxide through chapped lips.

On my long walks back to O'Bannon Hall my freshman year I realized I could utilize my time more effectively by practicing a talent I wanted to pursue.

In this case, whistling.

I whistled until decibel by decibel my pitch increased and I was capable of doing what I once deemed impossible.

And since that day I've never stopped practicing, working to attain more control over range, tempo and volume, be it by whistling whole tunes on the way to class or simply slipping in one or two notes while standing around.

It's those one or two notes that will do you in.

Earlier today I was pacing the basement of the library waiting to see an occupied professor about a project I was working on for his class.

While I waited for his time to free up, I simply let go of a whistling note or two, softly and succinctly.

At that moment a lady not two meters from me turned around and gave me that don't-you-dare-whistle-at-me look.

In a split second I realized what I had done, trying to apologize, explain, get out of what could only be described as the most awkward moment possible.... In a library of all places!

Thankfully, I haven't seen a lawsuit arrive in my mail. And so I give this warning: watch before you whistle.

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cmcgee said...

Your blog is priceless!I learn so much about life. I could see this happening and it made me laugh-out-loud.