Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A violator is among us.


Yes, you see it.

Don't play coy. It's a cup! A glass! A plastic glass, to be specific.

And it's stolen. Oh, so stolen.

That, dear friends, is property of Sodexo. It belongs to the dining hall.

And yet it's loose in the wild.

Please allow me to clarify:

Someone on the staff of student media has been using a cup that belongs to the dining hall.

Obviously this person didn't read my first blog post about stolen cups.

And they clearly didn't read my second follow-up story with the same lame photograph.

Or perhaps they did.

And in earnest, they attempt to defy my cup convictions.

I gave fair warning in two lengthy posts. But now, I must search our own team for the perpetrator.

It could be any one of us. Even me.

But I wouldn't, so it's definitely someone else. Someone with sinister intentions and a heart of greed.

Strong accusations? Yes. But only because he (or she?) deserves it.

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jane said...

I don't really care :)