Saturday, November 1, 2008

Top Ten: Conn Artists

Throughout time, students have been driven to use their artistic talent to represent Lee University President Paul Conn. Below are work from the Top Ten best Conn artists:

10In a far-off land, Dr. Conn was born to the world. Or that's the way Jordan Holt, author of Blackfox Comics, illustrates it.

9In another life, Dr. Conn had his own pirate ship, but he now believes Lee is more exciting.

8Cardboard-Cutout-Conn provides one of the most exciting photo-opportunities on campus, especially during open dorm.

7Little known to many, Conn was actually a fighter pilot in World War One before settling down to become an author.

6 In this take-off from the poster for 300, Dr. Conn takes Cleveland by storm. Created by Alex Lisic.

5Cross Hall can't do without their Paul Conn vacuum cleaner. Cool and stylish, it makes cleaning a blast.

4King Conn, created by Brandon Fenty, illustrates a parody comicbook-version of the man in command.

3This Conn graffito mysteriously showed up on an exterior door of the Paul Conn Student Union last year. After it was cleaned and removed by maintenance workers, it reappeared for a second time a few days later.

2The Paul Conn Bobblehead Doll has become a staple of the Lee University campus, given away freely to pleading students at Ask the President chapels. The dolls, produced only one time, in fall 2005, are a collector's item.

"I don't know where these things came from; I don't know where they keep them," Dr. Conn once told students in a March 2007 chapel service. "I think it's a sorry piece of nothin' if I've ever seen one."

1The Paul Conn snow sculpture was a once-in-a-lifetime sight for students.

It was primarily molded February 1, 2007 by Frank Clement and Josh Parchman with help from other students. The sculpture was even pictured on the back page of the school magazine, the Torch, and featured by Bradley News TV.

See all of the honorable mention Paul Conn art here:

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