Monday, November 10, 2008

Swiper, no swiping.

This machine has long been neglected. Discontinued. Old-fashioned.

Lee University's Datacard swiping units in the Deacon Jones Dining Hall and student union are starting to show their age.

The units have taken up to nine swipes is many cases to scan a single card properly.

In a recent study, 70 students entered the dining hall for dinner in one evening. Of those 70 students, 11 faced problems with the machine recognizing their card.

Essentially, 16 percent of students are affected by the machine upon entrance to the dining hall, which causes lines to build up, testing patience.

Of those with problems in the latest study, six just needed a second swipe. Three students had to have their cards swiped thrice to work. And two students waited through nine swipes to get in to the dining hall.

The dining hall staff blame the problems on both the age of the machines and the network that connects the student identification data.

Either way, something needs to be done, and quickly.

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