Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick mobile Internet access impossible on campus

More and more students are accessing the Lee University campus wireless network through pocket Internet devices like iPods and iPhones, but getting connected can be frustrating.

The frustration comes from the ResNet Clean Access Authentication page which requires a username and password for students to log-in to the network.

For those using devices with small keyboards and small screens, typing your user ID data every time you want to surf the Web can be annoying.

The security page, powered by Cisco, is an important precaution to keep non-students off of the Lee University network, preventing viruses from being loaded by users with malicious intent and to keep Internet speeds fast for students.

But zooming in to touch-type passwords when you just want to check the weather is annoying and over-the-top.

There must be a quicker way and a second option for the increasing number of Lee students with mobile Internet communication devices.

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