Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Policy streamlined, but still needs clarification.

The 2008 student handbook states that "students, regardless of gender, who spend the night in the same bed or in the same room will be suspended from the university, regardless of the location.

The statement, which is included in the sexual morality policy in the student handbook, has remained unchanged for a number of years, while other parts of the policy have been properly updated.

According to the policy, I could have been suspended from the university my freshman year when my first roommate and I (students, regardless of gender) slept in our dorm room (who spend the the same room) in O'Bannon Hall (regardless of location).

I believe the university should inspect the policy to reformat it in a way that will more clearly convey its purpose. Updating the student handbook, especially the sexual morality policy, takes a lot of time and careful consideration on the part of the university.

A look at the changes made between the 2007 and 2008 policy:

2007: Unacceptable sexual practices outside of marriage including fondling of genitals, oral sex, excessive petting and other sexual offenses will result in suspension from the University.

2008: Unacceptable sexual practices outside of marriage will result in suspension from the University.

2007: Students found in bed together will be suspect to immediate suspension.

2008: (Statement not included).

The sexual morality policy is an important part of the university student handbook; hopefully continued revisions will refine the rules for better student understanding.

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