Monday, November 17, 2008

Pagers would solve a few of Jazzman's problems

Twenty empty cups.

Lined up like dominos across the service counter at Jazzman's Cafe. Stacked within each other, lining the front of the register...

If Jazzman's can't improve their service time, perhaps the answer would be to purchase one of those expensive restaurant paging systems.

Otherwise, students place their order and then clog up the cafe as they wait upwards of 20 minutes in some cases to get that sweet mocha between their lips.

Rather than crowd such a small room (especially when it's already packed to the brim with tables), why not hand students a simple pager and allow them to roam free with friends, get some homework done, or enjoy the post chapel mixer that's probably going on just yards away?

When the dull piece of electronic plastic beeped, glowed and vibrated students would rush back to Jazzman's for a savory sip, in return for the flashy doodad, of course.

It would save Lee University students precious time. It would save Jazzman's employees from having to strain their voices by yelling hard-to-pronounce names above the roar of the crowd. It would make extra room available in such a cramped cafe. It would undoubtedly be the coolest reason to go to Jazzman's (After the Macs, of course. Oh, and the cranberry-white chocolate scones).

So, how about it?

Let's forego the wait and chains in favor of a technological movement for change.

And if the pagers are too expensive, what about some simple way to text regular patrons on their cellular phones when their drinks are steamy and hot? Fast. Efficient. Fun. That's the Jazzman's I want to know.

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