Friday, November 28, 2008

My digital egoism is now indisputable

There it is: the milestone of narcissism.

I've reached that mythical goal of 1,000 photos of me on Facebook.

Me! 1,000 pictures that family can laugh at, girls can stare at, and I can hide behind.

Our photos tell so much about who we are, and yet, as we continue to amass such a gargantuan collection, Facebook needs to find a better way to organize them. Perhaps on a calendar, sorted into folders by month. Perhaps by keywords.

Simply put, scrolling through 1,000 photos to find the one I want to see is boggling.

So, I've hit the 1,000 mark. What's next?

100 videos of me. Where will I be when that benchmark is reached?

It took me three and a half years to collect 1,000 pictures. And Thanksgiving Day with my family was what finally boosted me to that magical number. The winning photograph, you see, is the one in the picture above.

There's nothing like being with family and friends when you reach a goal.

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