Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lost to the world.

It's funny, how much more observant you can be when you take the time to walk.

I didn't have my bike with me this morning when I left my house, so I walked a few blocks to get to the Lee University campus.

As the rain poured and I slid through the autumn leaves piling on the neighborhood sidewalk, a rare sight caught my eye:

It was the grade-school portrait of a boy from decades past, black and white, forgotten and left behind, lost and surrounded by a cacophony of leaves that would bury it in no time, fastened together by the wetness of raindrops.

Wary of disturbing such an artful grave, I gently knelt and peeled an edge of the damp photograph away from the leaves, peeking underneath for any sign of a home.

Blank. And lost to the world.

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carlybish said...

Once I found a photobooth picture of a young boy. The strip of pictures was actually in the photobooth itself, but the boy had, apparently, left it behind... He was alone in the picture. I still have it... This is much more haunting though. You might post this to - they love stuff like this.