Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lee students post election reactions on Facebook

How do most Lee students express their feelings regarding Barack Obama's election?

By Facebook status, of course!

Here's the top Facebook status messages from Lee students immediately after the election:

• Amazed that six months of hype will now become four years of tyranny.

• For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.--Jeremiah 29:11.

• Worried about her country. She is trying to find solace in the fact that God is over everything.

• Saving my money to pay for eveyone elses healthcare.

• Bob Dylan once sang, "The times...they are a changin".

• "So begins one of the most disappointing presidencies in history."

• Thinkin she'll be headin for Australia soon...I suppose I overestimated Americans.

• "It's an Obama-nation...".

• Reminds everyone that George W. Bush is still President.


• Will pray for the new leaders in America.

• Saying, "Yes, we can!".

• Glad that so many young people feel passionately to one idea or the other... thank you for finally letting your voice be heard!

• Notes that God is still on his throne regardless of silly politicians, but is DISPLEASED nonethless =P.

• Not happy with America right now...

• Putting her faith in God. It's all she can do now.

• Wishes people would stop posting trival statuses concerning the election.

• Saying hello to partial birth abortion, gay marriage, socialism, universal health care, amnesty, and the purging of all morals from our eduction.

• Needs a boyfriend now more than ever. We might have to repopulate...

• Not happy with the results...God be with us!

• Thought she would contribute to the ridiculous facebook statuses about the election. but thats done with. I'm expecting change.

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