Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jazzman's Cafe may leave the PCSU

Lee University's favorite coffee shop could wind up in either the new religion or science building, barista Juliane Kauffman said in a post on a discussion board in the new Jazzman's Facebook group at Lee.

"With all the recent construction on campus, Jazzman's is contemplating moving locations," she said.

Kauffman asked group members to offer their input and suggestions. Responses so far have argued that Jazzman's needs to remain in a central spot on campus. Each response said that shifting the location of the cafe to either of the suggestions Kauffman listed would be pushing to too far to the edge of the map.

"[Moving will give] us more room to work and a better atmosphere," she said.

Justin Lemon, manager at Jazzman's, said that no official decisions had been made but that the university was considering switching a few of the dining locations on campus at the same time.

Lemon said that it when Jazzman's moves from the student union, SubConnection or a new dining location may move into the Rahamut Room. Chick-fil-a would then occupy more space in the food court on the second floor of the student union.

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