Monday, November 3, 2008

It's time to vote!

The first week in November is one of the most important of the year. It's when everyone gets a chance to vote for who they feel is the best candidate.

All students can vote on campus, at the help-desk in the PCSU today and tomorrow from 8 a.m. to midnight, providing they have their student ID with them.

Voters are allowed to vote for two choices from each gender in their respective class for the 2008 Lee University Homecoming Court:


Katie Bryant
Desiree Colon
Danielle Durham
Erin Hale
Megan Johnson
Whitney Kesner
Julie Michael
Taylor Rodgers
Arika Trim

AJ Addinall
Phil Bonaparte
Jordan Combs
Alan Fay
Matt Keyt
Alex Pedigo
Michael Tapp
Cody Smallwood
Patrick Wright
Stephen Van Gorp


Christina Adeleke
Candace Butler
Danielle Gambrell
Mikaela Laney
Ashley McPherson
Taylor Mobley
Heidi Monroe
Alexandra Powell
Alyssa Shumaker

Austin Barnwell
Robert Counts
Reagan Daniels
Kahlin Hawke
Arkileus Hines
Pete Jones
Alan Ponce
Colby Simons
Josh Smith
David Sterns


• Females

Sarah Baker
Michelle Bollman
Sarah Feighn
Caitlin Schrider
Jill Singerman
Ashley Smith
Emily Steele
Kristen Wohleber

Zach Buechner
Jeff Creely
Josh “Bucky” Gregory
Jordan Hicks
Cameron Honeycutt
Drew MacQuarrie
Gavin Middleton
Nate Nessle
Tyler Steele


Dustin Aschenbeck
Keillor Barr
Jared Barnes
Richard Blackman
Brent Diers
Brandon Heitz
Terrence Holland
Scott Marlow
John Williams

• Females

Kandee Barr

Kelsey Fry

Melissa Franklin

Kayla Hood

Carmen Jackson

Kim Masters

Amber Mear

Sloane Tait

Morgan VanNorman

Hope Manley

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