Monday, November 10, 2008

It's so pwetty! NOT.

This is an actual photo comment.

That I got on an actual photo that I actually took.

Never before have I been so insulted.

In days of yore, photographs were complimented by the ornate and elaborate frames that surrounded them.

The "frames" of today's digital age, however, are photo comments, left on Internet sites like Facebook or Flickr.

Something simple and sweet like, "This photo features a powerful composition and exudes a sense of journalistic dignity," represents a quality frame, wrapping a photo with purpose and ultimately adding to the image.

"Oh em gee. I love this piccy of yew. =D It's so pwetty," makes me want to hurl.

It's not even txt-msg language. If the point isn't to type as few letters as possible, what is the point?


Thankfully, the author of the comment left an apostrophe in the word "It's" and capitalized "I." That's the most credit I can give them.

Otherwise, I am severely disappointed.

Comments are a privilege, not a right.

And, for the record, the picture was not of a yew.

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