Saturday, November 15, 2008

Improv team packs nearly 200 into lecture hall, and fun still lingers

Did you miss the Lee University improv show last night by Shenanigans?

Well, not that I have any connection to the campus improv team*, but there's a great place to view even more of the improv scenes practiced by the team online:

Visit the Shenanigans video improv archive, filled with dozens of scenes and games from team rehearsals.

Longing to be part of the team? Well, check out auditions early next semester. When will the exact date be announced? Become a fan on the Shenanigans Facebook page to find out!

*Oh yeah, I'm actually on the team. This is all just a shameless promo ;-)

As an added benefit for your time reading this, here's last year's show, embedded in its full glory:

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