Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Go There: The Furnace Room

This is the ninth part in the "Don't Go There" series. The series strives to unveil the most secret and secluded parts of campus to give ordinary students a glance at the unknown.

It's not everyday you see a door labeled "Furnace Room," especially in today's age of politically-correct architecture.

Why call it a furnace room? That conjures images of archaic heating technology to jump to mind. Instead, today's term, the "Mechanical Room," has a cleaner, sharper, less violent sound. And it covers all the bases: Internet, plumbing, heating, electrical...

So when I discovered the Walker Memorial building's Furnace Room, a natural yearning to find out what was inside arose within my chest, driving me beyond insanity.

So, what's in there? Nothing. No, really, it's kind of boring.

There's no man-crunching accountability/probation machine, and there's definitely no red-hot furnace controlling the "campus recycling program."

Instead, it's just a simple room filled with, you guessed it, pipes and wiring.

After all, there's a reason this series is called "Don't Go There."

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