Friday, October 10, 2008

Thanks for labeling us...

I love signs.

Lee Clarion editors are at a journalism conference in Nashville, Tenn. this weekend.

Today we arrived at the downtown hotel and registered at the desk on the second floor. Everyone involved at the conference must apparently wear their name badge "at all times."

According to the conference organizers, the badges have to be worn at all times in the hotel for the security of the building.

Have I taken mine off yet?

Good question. What cause is there for me to break the rules? I'm wearing mine to bed tonight, and I'll keep it around my neck as I shower tomorrow morn. Why else would they keep it in a plastic waterproof cover?

I will remain completely identifiable by all guests (strangers) in the 36-story hotel at all times during my stay.

I don't think I'd feel at all comfortable otherwise.

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