Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roll tape!

I understand that an endowment of $7.8 million isn't terribly much, especially when you're constructing a $10 million science building, but seriously?

A university's golf carts are a sign of that institution's well-being.

When visiting professors arrive from other colleges like UTC, Harvard or Wake Forest, the first thing they see isn't the perfectly mulchified landscaping. It isn't the amazing library atop the religion building. It isn't even the three-week old sidewalk ads.

People look at golf carts.

And when your primary form of transportation evolves from a box with wheels and pedals into a mean duct-tape machine, people will take notice.

What did that golf cart do to deserve such heinous treatment?

What if all the other golf carts on campus were being used non-stop one day and a prospective student came to check out Lee, demanding a golf cart tour or their money back?

Oh, out comes Ol' Rusty, taped together, but still operational... for now.

Half way to O'Bannon a storm brews and a strong wind rips the flimsy tape off the cart, causing the roof to fly into the windshield, blinding the poor admissions driver.

That cart is a disaster waiting to happen.

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