Friday, October 31, 2008

President's office denies involvement with Conn's Facebook profile

Lee University President Paul Conn has a profile on social network Web site Facebook, but the Office of the President denies the president's involvement in the page.

Cole Strong, administrative assistant to the president, said that he thought the president's profile page had been set up by an anonymous student. No one in the administration, even Dr. Conn himself, had a part in creating or updating the profile, he said.

The profile, however, was set up with the e-mail address, the address the president uses for his e-mail correspondence. Technically, only he would have access to confirm his e-mail address through Facebook.

Dr. Conn has repeatedly stated he had no part in the page, even though it has been continuously updated since it appeared in fall 2006. over two years ago.

In that time "Conn" has garnered 158 friends and 157 photos. In February 2008, one application (Causes) was added to his page.

"Conn" apparently has not been active on his page since February until late October, when he added three friends, including his wife.

It remains a mystery who operates the Paul Conn Facebook page, but one thing is for sure: he needs a profile picture.

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