Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh boy, a blog post about towels.

The invasion has occurred.

Someone, or something, is switching out all of the traditional pull-from-the-center paper towel dispensers with the much more infamous square boxes of delight.

The new "pull down with two hands" dispensers are a step backward in terms of convenience.

It used to be so simple: pull and tear.

What was so wrong with that?

Now students are forced into extra effort when it comes time to dry hands.

This could have severe implications.

Think of all the freshmen who may stop washing their hands altogether.

After all, Lee has spoiled us with automatic faucets in the new Religion Building.

We're still waiting on the automatic towel dispensers.

I suppose when it comes to college students, the less work the better.

1 comment:

Jessica Wright said...

Lee is going green.

"Save paper towels!! Don't wash your hands!"