Monday, October 27, 2008

Little house on the campus

It's still there.

Despite multimillion-dollar buildings being constructed on all sides and a parking lot that corners the little house like an island in a lake, it remains, relentless and resilient.

The little house is a subtle reminder to Lee students that time changes and the world changes.

When the floorboards were first placed and the windows were fastened to the walls and the coat of paint on the outside was fresh and strong, Lee University was vastly different.

Why would anyone stay for a sea of pavement and a backyard college campus?

Because that's not what they stay for. They stay for home... And for many of the students who cross this campus every year, Lee will always be a home.

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.:Josh said...

Does someone live there? Or is it just a zit on the backside of a burgeoning campus, awaiting its imminent destruction?