Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lee announces new building project

Lee announced the university's newest building project today via the student-alert text message system.

The university is raising money to build a home for the newly-created culinary arts department that will begin at Lee next fall.

Framework for the building is already underway according to a source in the administration. The building will be constructed inside the Deacon Jones Dining Hall, as made apparent by the framing recently put in place.

"This will be the smallest building ever constructed on our campus," the President's Office announced Thursday. "It is a landmark event for Lee University students, faculty, staff and aspiring chefs."

The building, which will be more than 30 square feet when it is completed early next year, will feature a new wall-less design developed to promote transparency in the department. The president's office also noted that the new building will be able to shift location as needed, by sliding the structure across the dining hall floor.

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