Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a one-liner. Unfortunately.

Jazzman's Cafe needs an express line.

Sure, there will always be those who have to have their coffee or who can't survive without their precious smoothies, but there are also students who don't mind picking up the small snacks if it means skipping a 20-minute wait for a drink. A drink.

Jazzman's was built to be the snack shop on campus. Open at all the right times, it would provide nourishment to the weak.

Now, after years of campus growth have taken their toll, the wait can be enormous.

Recognizing that there are students who want to use their meal plan to purchase a single snack, or perhaps a cold drink that doesn't require five minutes of tedious mixing, is an important first step in solving the crisis.

It's obnoxious to wait in line that long for a croissant, or for a bottle of apple juice.

Jazzman's either needs to open an express line, or Lee needs to start a simple shop on campus that 1. Accepts the meal plan. 2. Has longer hours. 3. Sells only what you can grab and take with you.

It would be a hit.

Instead of sprinkling the campus with two more Cafe a la Carts, Lee needs to focus on the issue already at hand in Jazzman's. The service has outgrown the room. The lines are unnecessarily long. The Macs are only available during certain times throughout the day.

Thanks for listening, Lee.

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