Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here's the scoop

Hey! Want to beat your friends to the "freshman fifteen"?

It's easy.

We all know that the deliciously magical ice cream on display in the Deacon Jones Dining Hall can be taken to-go at any time, thus enhancing your lunch, dinner and breakfast meals.

But what Sodexo won't tell you is that you're getting less than what your growling, pouchy tummy deserves.

Pick up one of the to-go cups stacked by the carbonation station. Now compare that cup with the wimpy offerings at the ice cream console.

Yes.... There is a difference.

Think of all the extra dessert you could be enjoying on your walk to class just by using the multi-colored cups from across the room.

It's worth it. Boy, is it worth it. And your stomach couldn't agree more.

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