Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fitness Diaries: Issue #4

Walking - the workout of champions. Slight exaggeration. Walking is probably an obvious choice for a lot of people; it is low impact. We walk a lot in general, and our bodies are good at it. That is why it’s important to spice up those walking boots.

Varying a workout can add dimension and burn more calories. Suggestions from for such spice come in the form of hills, adding upper body, exaggerating movements, etc. Hills are a good way to enhance heart rate and vary monotony. Perhaps take a new route that includes a hill, or walk you existing route from end to beginning. Variety is always good.

Adding upper body movements while walking is a great idea. It sounds embarrassing, but I’ll perhaps just do it while walking in place indoors during television watching. Circling the arms over head or lifting them in motion stimulates cardio efficiency.

Exaggerating movement of the arms while walking inside or out is another way to burn more calories. Warning here: NEVER walk with weights. That is dangerous and can hurt you and your body.
Not only can you use upper body, but you can also use lower body. While walking, perhaps inside again, bring your knees as high as you can to your chest while continuing upper body movement. This is harder than it sounds…believe me!

Well estudiantes, I’m heading out. Don’t want to overwhelm you. It’s just a walk, but it may the STEP in the right direction!


Two Minute Mini-Walk

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