Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eat or stand up.

The dining hall has officially become an exclusive club.

Exclusive to those who pay for meal plans or meals. All others will have to go.

That means that if your friend from out of town is spending time with you but can't pay for lunch, inviting them to watch you stuff your face full of fries is no longer an option.

Why must those who aren't eating in the dining hall be thrown out?

Is it because they tend to look longingly at the Mayfield ice cream station? Temptation comes in many flavors.

The sign at the front door reads "Effective Immediately If you are not eating in the dining hall, sorry you will not be allowed to sit. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!"

And what about those who have a meal plan, scan their card, and decide not to eat?

According to the sign either they must be forced to stand at the table while their friends enjoy a meal, or they must be forced to eat, one spoonful after another, by a member of the Sodexo staff.

It's easy to understand the reasons behind the decision to restrict access, but it marks a turning point in the history of the cafeteria. Oh joy.

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