Friday, October 24, 2008

Double Duty

There are so many great ways to use the Lee Clarion.

Some use the Lee Clarion to find out who won recent sports matches. Others use the campus newspaper to stay on top of all the upcoming events. But there are also a few previously unexplored uses for the product.

While I was at the DZT Harvest Hoedown this evening in the Rec. Center, I discovered one of these fresh and exotic ways to recycle the Lee Clarion...

A door stop.

How utterly clever and unbelievably adorable. It's always pleasing to know that your hard work can breathe a second wind after its primary purpose fades.

Recycling your issues of the Lee Clarion is a great idea too:

• Pass it on to a friend when you're done reading.

• Fold it into a hat to wear to costume parties.

• Use it to kindle that fire in your hearth when you return home for Thanksgiving.

• Ask for the signatures of the editors and frame it on your wall. Why not?

• Surprise your significant other with an origami swan.

• Cut snowflakes out of it to decorate your room with this Christmas, or better yet, use it as wrapping paper for gifts.

There are plenty of uses for your pre-used Lee Clarions, but don't get too carried away; you may want to place them in a safe-deposit box. You never know how valuable these issues will be ten years from now.

• See other unusual uses for the Lee Clarion, or submit your own! If you've found a novel use for the news (after reading it of course), send in a photo and a description to!

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