Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dining hall inspection deserves a closer look

The Deacon Jones Dining Hall received an inspection visit on October 24, boosting the food service establishment's score five points from 81 to 86.

According to the food inspection office at the Bradley County Health Department, the previous score was given in September and represented a two point drop from the score given in March 2008.

The dining hall's lowest scores in recent history were 74 (in November 2007) and 71 (in April 2007). The inspection office indicated that below 70 is a failing score for the inspections.

The highest score on record was 90, in November 2006.

So what did the dining hall fail this time, in fall 2008?

• Non-food contact surfaces
• Dishwashing facilities
• Food-contact surfaces of equipment and utensils clean
• Non-food contact surfaces clean
• Storage and handling of utensils
• Proper care of toilet rooms
• Floors in good care
• Walls in good care
• Lighting provided as required
• Dressing rooms clean
• Premises maintained free of litter

Essentially, if the dining hall simply cleaned up its act in proper care of food equipment and utensils, the dining hall's score would be 92, a new high for the cafeteria.

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