Sunday, October 12, 2008

The 2008 Best Faculty Website Award goes to...

Who among the Lee University faculty has the best website?

It's an intense competition. Faculty are expected to have sites that showcase their intellectual insights with advanced web coding, easy-to-use design, animated graphics, and important content.

The following list contains the most intense websites of Lee faculty. They're zany, they're quirky, they're precious and perky. These sites stand out in both positive and negative ways, but stand out nonetheless:

The next list presents faculty websites that desperately need attention, love and care. Without improvement, these sites are in danger of facing a grim future. Here's a few examples of sites that need a few tweaks in the hug department:

The best Lee University faculty sites were well-maintained, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. These sites had a clean interface and good content:

The 2008 Best Lee University Faculty Website Award goes to....

William Lamb.

The Leonard Center Field Director has a polished, colorful site that is both inviting and functional without trying too hard.

The only caveat is that Mr. Lamb says that pictures of his family are on the right side, as demonstrated below.

Unfortunately, I somehow doubt the models in those photos are related to Mr. Lamb. Unless he spent New Year's in Oregon, of course.

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PRL said...

those are the default pics in iWeb on a mac