Friday, October 31, 2008


More trucks from Johnson's Tree Service arrived on campus today.

The service has been working to cut multitudes of low branches and limbs from trees across campus over the past few weeks, already striking areas along Church Street and 11th Street.

Today's victim? The greenspace between the Vest Building and the administration building. Read More......

Dining Hall announces 2008 carving contest winners

You're looking at the winners of the Lee University Sodexo Pumpkin Carving Contest, well, except for the pumpkin above, which earns my distinction of "honorable mention." That pumpkin reads "Paul Conn" and features the mustache of the legend himself.

All of the pumpkins entered in the competition were carved by students and are available on display in the Deacon Jones Dining Hall.
Above is the only Christian entry in the contest, reading: "Why are you crying? He is risen." It features a cross in the center.
Above is a carefully crafted pirate ship sailing on the surface of the pumpkin.
Above is a special "Support the Arts" pumpkin, featuring musical notes and theater masks.
Above is the 1st Place pumpkin, featuring the artistic outline of a young lady's portrait. Read More......

Volleyball for the Cure '08


4:00 PM - Silent Auction begins in Paul Dana Walker Arena
5:00 PM - Volley for the Cure - High School Volleyball Showcase
6:00 PM - Pink Party Meet & Greet with Phil Stacey, Hair Painting, Face Painting, Cotton Candy & more
6:45 PM - Pack the Stands with Pink
7:00 PM - The Main Event - Lee University Lady Flames vs. SWU Lady Warriors

For more information, please call: (423) 614-8453 or (423) 596-9159

Read More......

President's office denies involvement with Conn's Facebook profile

Lee University President Paul Conn has a profile on social network Web site Facebook, but the Office of the President denies the president's involvement in the page.

Cole Strong, administrative assistant to the president, said that he thought the president's profile page had been set up by an anonymous student. No one in the administration, even Dr. Conn himself, had a part in creating or updating the profile, he said.

The profile, however, was set up with the e-mail address, the address the president uses for his e-mail correspondence. Technically, only he would have access to confirm his e-mail address through Facebook.

Dr. Conn has repeatedly stated he had no part in the page, even though it has been continuously updated since it appeared in fall 2006. over two years ago.

In that time "Conn" has garnered 158 friends and 157 photos. In February 2008, one application (Causes) was added to his page.

"Conn" apparently has not been active on his page since February until late October, when he added three friends, including his wife.

It remains a mystery who operates the Paul Conn Facebook page, but one thing is for sure: he needs a profile picture. Read More......

Google, please zoom in on us.

Why does Google hate Lee?

A close look at Cleveland on Google Maps or Google Earth reveals a beautifully detailed Cleveland, Tennessee, until the map comes to Lee University (the red markers).

Epic blur. No detail. If it wasn't for the superimposed road grid, Lee would seem like nothing but a toxic wasteland of color.

I've personally spent hours viewing nothing but extensive mountain forests on Google Maps, mountains so elaborately mapped that I could count the number of leaves left on tree branches from above.

But when it comes to a densely-populated area like Cleveland and Lee, it just hasn't been worth the effort for Google to care.

Don't they realize we want to see who's been walking around on the roof of Sharp-Davis?

Don't they know we want a bird's eye view of soccer practice?

Google, you have a lot of explaining to do, and I've got very little time. Read More......

The North Anna catch: Fish, friends and our Maker (Joshua

Embarking on the great Smallmouth adventures on the North Anna River in Central Virginia is no easy task, and few river floats have been easy. As much as fishing for hours while floating down small, historically-marked rivers may in itself contain the adventures of leisure time, placing the canoes by the river’s ramps and making sure all the necessities are accounted for is another thing. But few things have given me more pleasure in life than to be able to sink my line with a friend in a small river full of one of God’s toughest river fish, the Smallmouth Bass. And it was in such a place I found one of the strongest fish I had caught thus far.

The difference between the Smallmouth bass and the Largemouth, its relative, is simply in the name. The Largemouth has a larger mouth while the Smallmouth is a smaller fish by weight and has a smaller mouth and jaw.

As much as a Largemouth may outweigh the Smallmouth by several pounds at times, the fight, catch and feel of the Smallmouth on the end of the rod is a completely different feeling than that of its cousin. Largemouths mainly live and exist in still water such as ponds and lakes, while the Smallmouth is most of the time a river fish which sits against the rivers currents waiting for food to come over the rapids and tops of rocks. Usually searching for bugs and even small amphibians to fall into the water or waiting for water creatures to choose a path toward the appetite of the fish, it usually waits under rocks and ledges mostly in the shade, especially on the hotter days of summer.

Our float along the North Anna lasted two days. The first day of the trip was unsuccessful for myself, whereas my best friend, his dad and my dad had been successful in catching at least a few fish, among which were; chain pickerel and Smallmouth. The following day, leaving the small bank we camped on for the night, we floated along a series of ledges not even fifty feet past the campsite. This is where I had decided to stop trying to be a genius with deciding which lure would make a catch. I started using a Wacky Worm by Gary Yamamoto, which is a simple rig used by jiggling a large colorful worm along the water from the bottom to the top. The hook is inserted through the middle of the lure to make it drag against the water.

With one cast I let the worm sink a few feet. As I reeled up the line from the bottom of a ledge I watched as a nearly four pound Smallmouth jumped from the shade of a large ledge, sucked the worm down to retreat back into the shade. I had now set the hook, and he had now started to fight pulling the canoe any way he wanted. His incredible strength was due to his lean muscles produced from spending all his life working against the river’s strong and steady current. After fighting for several minutes for one of the most memorable catches of my life, I had him in the boat long enough to take the hook out of his mouth, kiss him and show everyone the wonderful catch I made only because “God wanted me to make that catch,” as I said. I let him back into the water, back to his ledge, back to his shade, so that hopefully he would get bigger, and I would come back one day and meet an old friend again in hopes to repeat one of the greatest catches of my life: a large emotion and presence of God’s wonderful creation.

I had the wonderful free will to put him back on that hanging ledge that lay just under the water’s surface, hopefully to see him another day and feel the power of God’s handiwork once again. I have not been back to the North Anna since that trip, but the last time I went trekking through the low water level and pulling canoes through “Rock Garden,” I found a greater view of God and one of the most memorable experiences of life in the outdoors.


~Josh Hughes Read More......

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Since when was Toys R Us satanic?

Remember when Toys R Us was more wholesome?

I think there was a time. Nevertheless, I returned to my apartment tonight to find my suitemate perusing a Toys R Us catalog. I admit it, I couldn't help myself, so I took a peek at the psuedo-kids-magazine when he was done and found myself shocked at the sight of a happy-go-lucky girl posing next to a pink Ouija board, among other games.

Since when was Toys R Us satanic?

Since when are girls aged 6-12 the target market for evil? Read More......

Broken dishwasher strands diners with styrofoam

Deacon Jones becomes a creepy place when the dishwasher breaks.
Styrofoam cups, plates, bowls, utensils and cups seemingly transform the establishment from a dining hall to a summer camp mess hall.
Arguably, there's a plus side: Students can now take their meals to-go without consequence.
The transfiguration comes right in time for Halloween. Eerie sheets of plastic covered the conveyor belt like cloth covering furniture in a spooky mansion.
Thankfully, the dining hall was well-prepared for the outage, stocked with extra supplies. But how long will they hold out? Read More......

Trik or Treet

Epsilon just can't masquerade the fact that they don't know how to spell the name of their own event.

The above example is the latest event to follow the poster incident this past Tuesday.

Shortly after this blog published the mistake, the banner was removed and replaced with one featuring the correct spelling.

This time, however, instead of leaving out the first "e," Epsilon Lambda Phi left out the "u" in a ped mall chalk advertisement.

Thankfully, the printed posters hanging around campus do spell the name correctly.

In the future I suggest changing the name of the event to something easier to spell. Something like: Mask Time.

There, that's better! Read More......

Sexist achievement awards?

President Paul Conn used the first 15 minutes of chapel in the Conn Center today to recognize the top-achieving students in every department on campus.

Sixteen students were called to the stage and presented with awards.

Of those 16, only two were men. Two.

Everyone knows more women study at Lee than men; even Ben Jones brags about this paradise of a campus in his Lee Clarion love column from time to time.

But a 7:1 ratio? That would basically ensure you could leave Lee with a wife, no matter how nerdy you are.

In reality, the ratio is closer to 6:5.

So apparently Lee's women are trading diamonds for degrees while campus men can't even spell "PCSU."

This is what the world's coming to. Read More......

The director for the 2009 Parade of Favorites is...

Massawe Collie will be directing the 2009 Lee University Parade of Favorites, Brie McDaniel, assistant director of student development, said this morning.

Collie, a junior business major, is extremely involved with diversity clubs on campus. Read More......

Open dorm, open mind

Sometimes I think the purpose of "open dorm nights" is to make us thankful for what we have.

Every time I attend one of these high-energy events, I realize that living off campus doesn't even compare to the traditional residence hall.

Take, for example, these photos from the recent Medlin Hall open dorm.

Personally, I was a bit disappointed because I walked around with my camera the whole time and didn't even see Billy Graham.

See more photos from the Medlin Hall open dorm.
Read More......

A house divided...

It's always curious to stumble upon one of those homes with a McCain sign on one end of the lawn and an Obama sign on the opposite.

How do they ever get along?

I found this house while riding on my early-morning bike-commute to Lee.

It's almost humorous to envision the diametrically opposed husband and wife at the dinner table, fighting over mashed potatoes like it's a health care plan, while their only child asks questions about the election. That's certainly one way to confuse a kid.

Ah Cleveland, choose wisely. Choose wisely.

See the Republican and Democratic political columnists for the Lee Clarion on The Leede this week! Read More......

Dining hall inspection deserves a closer look

The Deacon Jones Dining Hall received an inspection visit on October 24, boosting the food service establishment's score five points from 81 to 86.

According to the food inspection office at the Bradley County Health Department, the previous score was given in September and represented a two point drop from the score given in March 2008.

The dining hall's lowest scores in recent history were 74 (in November 2007) and 71 (in April 2007). The inspection office indicated that below 70 is a failing score for the inspections.

The highest score on record was 90, in November 2006.

So what did the dining hall fail this time, in fall 2008?

• Non-food contact surfaces
• Dishwashing facilities
• Food-contact surfaces of equipment and utensils clean
• Non-food contact surfaces clean
• Storage and handling of utensils
• Proper care of toilet rooms
• Floors in good care
• Walls in good care
• Lighting provided as required
• Dressing rooms clean
• Premises maintained free of litter

Essentially, if the dining hall simply cleaned up its act in proper care of food equipment and utensils, the dining hall's score would be 92, a new high for the cafeteria. Read More......

Deacon Jones whips up another... Masterpiece?

After reviewing the dining hall's recent pasta pizza creation, I figured that the surprises were done.

But it seems there were a few left over.

Or a few too many leftovers not to create another surprise?

Sodexo recently premiered the french fry pizza. And this time I think they got it right.

Combine the foods college students eat most into one entrée, therefore eliminating repeat trips and clearing lines in the busy buffet-court.

Salad hamburgers anyone? Or Sloppy Joe Apple Jacks? These are the kind of things beautiful dreams are made of. Read More......

Take Two

I believe a simple "thanks" is due to the Greek club behind the upcoming Masquerade.

After failing to spell their banner correctly on the first try, the club removed the sign and replaced it with a corrected version only hours ago.

Now Lee University students have no glaring error to be shameful about. Order has been restored to the campus.

All I have to do now is pick out a costume for Halloween...

Hmm, I wonder if I could dress up as a spelling bee judge? Read More......

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Language of origin, please?


According to the New Oxford American Dictionary:

No entires found. Did you mean: masquerade?

Leave it to college students to misspell the name of their event and broadcast it to campus on the front of the student union.

It's hard to pick on Greek clubs who provide the campus with free food and entertainment every weekend, but spelling, especially on the King Kong of banners, doesn't lose importance.

It's tempting to take a White-Out brush to the sign, until you realize that the letters are written in white.

Beautiful. Read More......

Crusty, unique and downright... disgusting?

Need any more proof that the dining hall is doing all it can to avoid wasting food?

One glance at today's special, the noodle pizza, reassured me that the cooks are getting zesty in the kitchen, finding creative uses for food that normally might not get a second chance.

So I tried it....

And I loved it.

Seriously, if Sodexo made pasta pizza every day until I graduate, I wouldn't get tired of it.

Bring on the Angel Hair! Read More......

The crime is in the time.

Wow! It's Homecoming time again already!

So who is going to show up in the Humanities Center at 10 a.m. and who is going to show up at 10 p.m.?

When the Student Leadership Council designs posters, it might be helpful to provide a bit more clarification in the future. Read More......

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a one-liner. Unfortunately.

Jazzman's Cafe needs an express line.

Sure, there will always be those who have to have their coffee or who can't survive without their precious smoothies, but there are also students who don't mind picking up the small snacks if it means skipping a 20-minute wait for a drink. A drink.

Jazzman's was built to be the snack shop on campus. Open at all the right times, it would provide nourishment to the weak.

Now, after years of campus growth have taken their toll, the wait can be enormous.

Recognizing that there are students who want to use their meal plan to purchase a single snack, or perhaps a cold drink that doesn't require five minutes of tedious mixing, is an important first step in solving the crisis.

It's obnoxious to wait in line that long for a croissant, or for a bottle of apple juice.

Jazzman's either needs to open an express line, or Lee needs to start a simple shop on campus that 1. Accepts the meal plan. 2. Has longer hours. 3. Sells only what you can grab and take with you.

It would be a hit.

Instead of sprinkling the campus with two more Cafe a la Carts, Lee needs to focus on the issue already at hand in Jazzman's. The service has outgrown the room. The lines are unnecessarily long. The Macs are only available during certain times throughout the day.

Thanks for listening, Lee. Read More......

Little house on the campus

It's still there.

Despite multimillion-dollar buildings being constructed on all sides and a parking lot that corners the little house like an island in a lake, it remains, relentless and resilient.

The little house is a subtle reminder to Lee students that time changes and the world changes.

When the floorboards were first placed and the windows were fastened to the walls and the coat of paint on the outside was fresh and strong, Lee University was vastly different.

Why would anyone stay for a sea of pavement and a backyard college campus?

Because that's not what they stay for. They stay for home... And for many of the students who cross this campus every year, Lee will always be a home. Read More......

Chapel strikes back.

Isn't there another Dixon chapel?

Suddenly North Cleveland Church of God has to pull out all the stops, placing a pretty new Dixon sign in front of their aged (but newly renovated) sanctuary.

Bring on the competition, I say.

There ain't enough room for two Dixon chapels in this town, especially when they're two blocks from each other.

This is the start of something big. An all-out battle, Dixon versus Dixon. Even the font for the sign is a perfect imitation.

So why didn't the bricks make the final cut?

It seems that, like a poor college student staying up writing a research paper, the story has been entirely copied, but a few of the words in the paragraph have been changed.

Way to go.
Read More......

It starts with just one house...

Someone loves getting mail from home.

Replacing your post office box number with a red house is a sure fire way to spot your wall-cubicle in a split second.

It reminds me of the elderly who put those fake tennis balls on the antennas of their cars. In a crowded parking lot where the hoods and tires of vehicles begin blending together like a mechanical melting pot, those spheroids can prove bountifully helpful...

...Until everyone starts doing it.

And that's what I'm afraid of. If one Lee student puts a house on their mailbox, expect a few more to by Christmas. Then, when we return in the spring, the post office will be littered with useless red houses, covering up all the numbers.

The place will be a veritable Tower of Babel.

So it was a good idea – While it lasted. Read More......

Obama Beats Truman

A newspaper in New Mexico was the first to print the outcome of the 2008 presidential election.

CNN has the story here. Read More......

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palin's son goes to Lee?

Which one is the real Sarah Palin?

The woman on the left, Glenna Foster, is the mother of Lee University student Ryan Foster.

"[She] had people cheering for her at a rally in Ohio because she looks so much like Sarah Palin!" Ryan wrote in his status on Facebook October 23.

Ryan, a sophomore business major, said people approach his mother all the time for autographs. Read More......

Rain + Paper = Disaster

The front patio of the PCSU becomes a disaster area after rain storms now days.

It seems that rain fought a battle against the banners hanging along the railing and in minutes shredded signs that took four hours or more to make.

While we're on the topic of the non-waterproof banners, it's a rational question to ask why the front of the student union is becoming more littered with advertisement, essentially turning it into an outdoor bulletin board facing Alumni Park.

Maybe the Office of Student Life needs to purchase an umbrella-sized stamp to approve those banners for posting until a certain date... Read More......

Associated [Press your face onto every news site]

Thanks to Mr. Applewhite (a photographer for the Associated Press newswire) my photo appeared alongside the above story at USATODAY.COM. And 30 other places.

The photographer came to a class session I was at in Washington D.C. this past spring and stayed for half an hour snapping shots of the class for a piece we knew little about.

Now, at the end of October, the story was released through the AP. Alas, it's all in the timing.

Here are some more places the two-dimensional (but just as egotistical) representation of myself appeared:

The Southern Ledger

Blue Ridge Times News

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Miami Herald

The Washington Times

• The Examiner

The Buffalo News

And here's the article in the print edition of the Times:
Read More......

Friday, October 24, 2008

Double Duty

There are so many great ways to use the Lee Clarion.

Some use the Lee Clarion to find out who won recent sports matches. Others use the campus newspaper to stay on top of all the upcoming events. But there are also a few previously unexplored uses for the product.

While I was at the DZT Harvest Hoedown this evening in the Rec. Center, I discovered one of these fresh and exotic ways to recycle the Lee Clarion...

A door stop.

How utterly clever and unbelievably adorable. It's always pleasing to know that your hard work can breathe a second wind after its primary purpose fades.

Recycling your issues of the Lee Clarion is a great idea too:

• Pass it on to a friend when you're done reading.

• Fold it into a hat to wear to costume parties.

• Use it to kindle that fire in your hearth when you return home for Thanksgiving.

• Ask for the signatures of the editors and frame it on your wall. Why not?

• Surprise your significant other with an origami swan.

• Cut snowflakes out of it to decorate your room with this Christmas, or better yet, use it as wrapping paper for gifts.

There are plenty of uses for your pre-used Lee Clarions, but don't get too carried away; you may want to place them in a safe-deposit box. You never know how valuable these issues will be ten years from now.

• See other unusual uses for the Lee Clarion, or submit your own! If you've found a novel use for the news (after reading it of course), send in a photo and a description to!
Read More......

True love debates

John McCain and Sarah Palin are dating.

As you can tell, a lot of information came from the Lee University Presidential Debate last night.

Participants from the College Republicans and University Democrats took on the characteristics of the candidates as they debated in the Johnson Lecture Hall, answering questions from the moderator with first-person responses. Some of the debaters actually took on more of the physical properties of the candidates as well.

So back to the loaded statement.

While the discourse on energy, global warming and abortion, among other topics, was enlightening to the undecided, comparing the students to the actual candidates was perhaps the most fun diversion.

So if Palin and McCain are dating, then Joe Biden got a sex change. And Barrack pulled a Michael Jackson.

If only the real debates were that exciting.

Photo by Janchai Montrelerdrasme Read More......

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hoops! I did it again: 2008-09 NBA Preview

It seems like yesterday I was happily watching Kevin Garnett win his first NBA Championship. Along with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce the Boston three-party reasserted the Celtics’ right to the throne of basketball. However, this season is going to be all about the team the Celtics defeated last summer - the Los Angeles Lakers.

Embarrassing Kobe Bryant on the biggest stage in basketball should put fear in everyone wearing an opposing jersey. Not only is he arguably the best player, he now wants to restore his bruised ego, one of the highest motivations an athlete can have. This will be the year Bryant wins his solo championship and establishes his name as the heir to Michael Jordan.

Looking at the roster of the Lakers, it’s easy to see how they are the pre-season favorites to win it all. A now healthy Andrew Bynum will give the team the toughness they lacked against the Celtics, and Paul Gasol and Lamar Odom will give the Lakers an imposing lineup. Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic are role players that will contribute heavily when needed.

The East will have three great teams: Boston, Cleveland and Detroit. Any of these teams would be a great finals opponent for the Lakers. Boston lost key role player James Posey and could suffer a hangover from such an exhilarating previous season.

Cleveland will once again be ruled from the throne of King James. Lebron will show us all why he’s the second best player in the game but his lack of support will hold him back once again.

Detroit will be Boston’s biggest contender. With a great coach and experience that’s almost unparalleled, they should dominate the regular season, but lose to either Cleveland or Boston in the playoffs.

Needless to say, the 2008-2009 NBA campaign is shaping up for what would be an oh-so-sweet re-match between Boston and Los Angeles. This time expect Kobe and the Lakers to do what the Celtics did last year. Simply want it more.

~ David Cowart


Photo by Amanda Lucidon / The Press-Enterprise

2008-09 Regular Season Predictions

Eastern Conference

1) Boston Celtics: 60-22

2) Detroit Pistons: 54-28

3) Cleveland Cavaliers: 51-31

4) Orlando Magic: 50-32

5) Philadelphia 76ers: 48-34

6) Toronto Raptors: 47-35

7) Miami Heat: 42-40

8) Chicago Bulls: 39-43

9) Atlanta Hawks: 36-46

10) Milwaukee Bucks: 35-47

11) Indiana Pacers: 33-49

12) Washington Wizards: 33-49

13) New Jersey Nets: 30-52

14) Charlotte Bobcats: 27-55

15) New York Knicks: 25-57

Western Conference

1) Los Angeles Lakers: 58-24

2) New Orlean Hornets: 56-26

3) Houston Rockets: 53-29

4) Utah Jazz: 52-30

5) San Antonio Spurs: 51-31

6) Phoenix Suns: 47-35

7) Portland Trailblazers: 45-37

8) Dallas Mavericks: 43-39

9) LA Clippers: 42-40

10) Golden State Warriors: 38-44

11) Denver Nuggets: 36-46

12) Sacramento Kings: 30-52

13) Minnesota Timberwolves: 26-56

14) Memphis Grizzlies: 24-58

15) Oklahoma City Thunder:19-63

Read More......

Here's the scoop

Hey! Want to beat your friends to the "freshman fifteen"?

It's easy.

We all know that the deliciously magical ice cream on display in the Deacon Jones Dining Hall can be taken to-go at any time, thus enhancing your lunch, dinner and breakfast meals.

But what Sodexo won't tell you is that you're getting less than what your growling, pouchy tummy deserves.

Pick up one of the to-go cups stacked by the carbonation station. Now compare that cup with the wimpy offerings at the ice cream console.

Yes.... There is a difference.

Think of all the extra dessert you could be enjoying on your walk to class just by using the multi-colored cups from across the room.

It's worth it. Boy, is it worth it. And your stomach couldn't agree more. Read More......

Lee announces new building project

Lee announced the university's newest building project today via the student-alert text message system.

The university is raising money to build a home for the newly-created culinary arts department that will begin at Lee next fall.

Framework for the building is already underway according to a source in the administration. The building will be constructed inside the Deacon Jones Dining Hall, as made apparent by the framing recently put in place.

"This will be the smallest building ever constructed on our campus," the President's Office announced Thursday. "It is a landmark event for Lee University students, faculty, staff and aspiring chefs."

The building, which will be more than 30 square feet when it is completed early next year, will feature a new wall-less design developed to promote transparency in the department. The president's office also noted that the new building will be able to shift location as needed, by sliding the structure across the dining hall floor. Read More......

Software pop-up interrupts PowerPoint and lecture in Lee class

Only during a 7:45 a.m. media law class would Apple choose to override a teacher's lecture.

Popping up over the PowerPoint slide, a spontaneous Software Update window urged the user to download the latest version of iTunes.

Quite persistent, Apple. Sneaky, but persistent.

As long as no one downloads iTunes to the Conn Center computer that runs the lyrics during chapel, I think we'll survive. Read More......

Conn and Conn connect on Facebook

Forget the new religion building. And the election for that matter.

In fact, anything you thought might have been important this year was just nullified.

Dr. Paul Conn and his wife, Darlia, became friends today at 6:43 p.m.

Facebook confirmed the fact on the president's wall.

Both Conns have had Facebook accounts for a long while, but it was not until recently that the two met online.

As of press time, neither had written on the wall of the other. Read More......

Monday, October 20, 2008

Titans' perfect mark might be only window dressing


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Undefeated?




Don't be fooled by the events of Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium. Granted, the Titans disposed of Kansas City 34-10 and made the Chiefs look downright amateurish in the process. But much work remains.

Next up is Indianapolis, a week from tonight. And while the Colts of 2008 might not be playing up to their pedigree of the past few seasons, they remain the AFC South standard against which others are compared.

"Until somebody beats them, they are the division champs," Titans tackle Michael Roos said. "For years, they have been the measuring point in this division."

Running back LenDale White called Titans-Colts games "instant classics."

"Everybody is going to have their eyes on this game," said White, whose 80-yard fourth-quarter run against Kansas City showcased unexpected speed, albeit against a defense that was already beaten.

Yes, this is a Titans team that has its helmet screwed on straight. Through six games and six victories — not to mention an open date — the Titans have taken care of business like no one else in the NFL. For the moment, their record is envy of the league.

"I'd be lying if I said we'd be 6-0 to start the season," linebacker Keith Bulluck said. "But I thought we'd have a very decent record."

Decent, sure. But undefeated?

"I like the way we're playing right now," defensive end Jevon Kearse said. "But we've got to play better."

Sobering stat: The six victories have been against teams with a combined record of 12-26. None of Tennessee's six victims has a winning record.

Still, there is something to be said for the way the Titans keep handling things. We can quibble about the records of the competition, but you can only play — and beat — the teams that are on your schedule.

The Titans also proved they could focus on the Chiefs after a bye week and before the showdown with the Colts. Somebody spread mousetraps in the locker room during practice last week. The point was made.

"Everybody wanted to talk about the Monday night game and talk about us having a trap game," Bulluck said. "This shows how focused we were coming into this game, coming into this week and coming into this season."

The Titans didn't dress either of their top two wide receivers, Justin Gage and Justin McCareins, but still undressed the Chiefs' defense.

I guess Kansas City didn't get the memo about covering the tight ends and watching out for screen passes. Rookie Lavelle Hawkins had his first two catches as a pro — and they were the only receptions by Titans wide receivers on the day.

It was so bad that Kerry Collins threw only 18 passes — nine in each half — and instead handed the ball off to Chris Johnson and White, who combined for 317 yards.

"I'm probably supposed to be carrying out my fake a little better, but I'll do a little spectating and see how the hole develops," Collins said. "Obviously our running game is strong and I hope it will continue that way."

Likewise, the Titans defense was so dominant that defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch was able to exit after the first series to save any further wear on his groin injury. The extra rest should be beneficial when Peyton Manning and friends arrive at LP Field next Monday night.

Frankly, it's painful to come to a one-time pro football mecca and find both a deteriorating Arrowhead Stadium and a Chiefs team that puts up only token resistance.

A blowout like this needs comic relief. And Johnson, the rookie running back with quick-twitch moves, was more than happy to provide it.

After finishing off his 66-yard fourth-quarter sprint with a head-first vault into the end zone, he hustled to a nearby bandstand and briefly played the drums.

The beat goes on.


Photo by Donn Jones

Read More......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brew named National Coach of Year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) recently announce that Lee University head coach Mark Brew is the Rawlings-NAIA and ABCA National Baseball Coach of the Year. The award will be presented to coach Brew at the 2009 Rawlings-NAIA Awards Luncheon on Jan. 3 in San Diego, Calif. The luncheon is part of the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Convention which runs from Jan. 2-5 at the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina.

"I am extremely surprised and humbled to receive this award,” said Brew. “The NAIA is full of great coaches and to even be considered for this award is hard for me to grasp.”

“Though this is an individual award, many had a hand in the success that our team had in 2008 and I would like to thank them publicly,” he stressed. “First and foremost was our 2008 team. The 2008 Flames battled all year to put us into the position to play for a national championship and they should be commended for there work ethic and desire to succeed.

“As any coach knows, we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with and a lot of the credit has to go to our coaching staff (Coach Travis Watson, Coach Craig Kleinmann and graduate assistant coaches Aaron Simmons, Jared Gaston, and Chris Shepherd). They are tremendous at what they do and it makes my job much easier.

“Also to the administration at Lee with President Dr. Paul Conn, Vice President Gary Ray, and Director of Athletics Larry Carpenter who have provided our program with the necessary resources to operate at a high level. To Coach Dave Altopp, who started this program in 1996 with a vision and helped mold it into a championship caliber program and believed in me enough to make me a part of it.

“Finally, to my wife Rachel who has supported me and traveled with me to just about every game I have coached. It is not easy being a coach’s wife and her support for me and the Flames program is second to none. I am grateful and thankful to all of these people and honored to share this award with them.”

AD Carpenter praised the work of his young coach. “I am extremely proud of the job coach Brew has done over the past 12 years and especially the last two. In only his second season as head coach he took his team to within one pitch of winning the World Series and firmly established Lee as one of the top programs in the country.

“I can think of no one more deserving to win the NAIA National Coach of the Year,” Carpenter added. “Mark is an extremely hard worker who understand the mission of Lee and makes it a priority as he works with his team. This is a great honor for Mark, our baseball team, the athletic department, Lee University and the City of Cleveland.”

Brew, who guided the Flames to a national runners-up spot in 2008, is 114-25 entering his third season. Last year, Lee made its third World Series appearance overall and earned the No. 1 seed in the tournament. The Flames ended their year with a 63-10 record. Brew mentored two players to NAIA-All American status including First-Team pitcher Pablo Lopez and Second-Team first baseman Chris Warters.

The Flames rattled off 34 straight wins during the 2008 campaign starting with a 6-0 win on Feb. 8 and continue to win for nearly two-and-a-half more months. After appearing in the Southern States Athletic Conference (SSAC) Championship, Lee took home Region XIII Championship honors wiping out LSU-Shreveport. Winners of the Super Regional, Lee again was on a hot streak heading into the World Series winning nine of its last 11 games.

Searching for its first ever national championship, Brew and the Flames won their first four World Series contests averaging 8 runs per game. However, their hot streak and season came to a halt when Lewis-Clark State (Idaho) won in consecutive nights to take home the national hardware.

As a team, Lee was third in the country in batting average (.361) and averaged 8.4 runs per game, good for eighth in the nation. Known for his pitching, Brew should have been proud of his pitching corps. As a unit, Flames’ pitchers held opponents to a .243 batting average, which was 13th lowest in the NAIA.

This award is Brew’s first in his career. The 1994 Trevecca Nazarene (Tenn.) University graduate pitched for the Trojans. He was the squad’s closer for four seasons. He earned his master’s degree from the U.S. Sports Academy in 2006.

Prior to head coach status, Brew served under coach David Altopp for 10 years as the assistant. Altopp will be inducted into the ABCA Hall of Fame during the Convention. Read More......

Oh boy, a blog post about towels.

The invasion has occurred.

Someone, or something, is switching out all of the traditional pull-from-the-center paper towel dispensers with the much more infamous square boxes of delight.

The new "pull down with two hands" dispensers are a step backward in terms of convenience.

It used to be so simple: pull and tear.

What was so wrong with that?

Now students are forced into extra effort when it comes time to dry hands.

This could have severe implications.

Think of all the freshmen who may stop washing their hands altogether.

After all, Lee has spoiled us with automatic faucets in the new Religion Building.

We're still waiting on the automatic towel dispensers.

I suppose when it comes to college students, the less work the better. Read More......

Roll tape!

I understand that an endowment of $7.8 million isn't terribly much, especially when you're constructing a $10 million science building, but seriously?

A university's golf carts are a sign of that institution's well-being.

When visiting professors arrive from other colleges like UTC, Harvard or Wake Forest, the first thing they see isn't the perfectly mulchified landscaping. It isn't the amazing library atop the religion building. It isn't even the three-week old sidewalk ads.

People look at golf carts.

And when your primary form of transportation evolves from a box with wheels and pedals into a mean duct-tape machine, people will take notice.

What did that golf cart do to deserve such heinous treatment?

What if all the other golf carts on campus were being used non-stop one day and a prospective student came to check out Lee, demanding a golf cart tour or their money back?

Oh, out comes Ol' Rusty, taped together, but still operational... for now.

Half way to O'Bannon a storm brews and a strong wind rips the flimsy tape off the cart, causing the roof to fly into the windshield, blinding the poor admissions driver.

That cart is a disaster waiting to happen. Read More......

Construction of the centerpiece begins!

Science building update!

With the second floor completely enclosed now on the first wing, cinderblocks have begun piling along the edges of the third floor.

Anyone wish they would add a fourth floor on this thing? It'd definitely make it more exciting.

Once Walker Memorial is demolished (sometime), no four-story classroom building will exist on Lee's campus. And that's a shame for those A.D.D. students who love looking out the windows during class.

Also, the steel beams to support the er.... (science steeple?) have been placed on one side. The center of the building is beginning to take shape a bit.
Read More......