Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Young not fit for football?

After a disastrous start that left Kerry Collins looking like a good quarterback things got really bad for Vince Young. The Titans quarterback had to leave the game against the Jaguars when Daryl Smith hit Young's leg. An MRI later in the week showed Young had a torn MCL and would miss 2-4 weeks.

The physical aspect of Young's injuries are cut and dry, but much more has been speculated about his mental health. Reports from therapists, team officials, and even Young's own mom have left everyone wondering how stable Young is. A therapist for the Titans has said Young mentioned thoughts of suicide.

Vince Young is a very talented, very young quarterback. He needs someone who he can talk to who then will not talk to a reporter. There's nowhere safe for him to go and someone needs to provide it to him. Otherwise we will be missing out on one of the most gifted quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen.

~David Cowart


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