Sunday, September 7, 2008

Way to skimp, Lee

Horrified? You should be.

No, not of the weapon-wielding Smurf in the lower-right corner. You know exactly what I'm ranting about.

It's those windows. And I'm not just doing this because I'm a Mac guy. Those windows have a long history with me; a history that deserves to be buried.

Two years ago when Walker Arena was transforming from a lowly college gym into the massive landmark of sports that it is today, Lee University spent countless hours and dollars to revise the exterior shell, bringing it up to date with the design theme exuded so elegantly by the rest of the campus.

The 1960s era windows were cast into oblivion as a more modern design consumed the building and formed the beauty that stands today.


Except two windows still remain to remind all who pass of the arena's ghastly past.

No, it's not an oversight. Lee University knew perfectly well that the horrifying windows, which in actuality are no longer windows at all, are tucked away between the dining hall and the arena. A perfect place. It's unnoticed by potential students zooming by on golf cart tours and homecoming alumni who are blinded by the pageantry of yore.

This is cutting corners to the highest degree. It seems as if a whole section of the arena was left unfinished because saving a little bit of money was a priority over finishing the job completely.

It seems almost unreasonable that an institution which strives to see students complete all four years won't even complete a building in the center of campus.

Am I being too harsh? Am I trying to be a perfectionist on the behalf of the institution which so lovingly collects my tuition? Am I looking out for the good of the school or pushing for a project that really doesn't need to be done? Why spend a few more hundred dollars when that same money could be sent to the poor and needy or contributed to the church? Am I a sinner because I want to see Lee commit a cover-up?

You decide.

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