Sunday, September 7, 2008

University ____________

That drop-down menu at the Lee University website may be one of the most helpful things on campus. But when it comes to searching for the directory, events, or publications (our favorite), the menu can be downright challenging.

This is 2008. We have technology. And that technology organizes things in alphabetical order for the benefit of us English-speaking Americans who expect an easy search.

Not so, says Why not confuse web visitors by adding the term "university" in front of three of the links on the list?

After all, everything on the list is "university something." Why doesn't the "Records" button read "University Records"? 

One would expect that a Lee student looking for the calendar would look in the C-section first. Why would anyone skip right to the "P"s when looking for a calendar? It's downright un-American.

I challenge IS&T to put those links in their rightful place, and help out casual web surfers in the process.

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