Monday, September 15, 2008

Still hanging around

Bulletin boards are supposed to be up to date. That's their purpose. Why would anyone look at a bulletin board if all it had was old crusty information that was moldy from being exposed to passing eyes for so long?

Unfortunately, such a rogue bulletin board haunts the PCSU between Jazzman's Cafe and the post office.

The glass-encased board is a time capsule, preserving the outdated because the outdated is all it has left to hang on to.

Within are three documents: A 2004 Lee Flames basketball schedule and team photo, and two posters for CREW, an outdoors club that no longer exists at Lee. One of the posters is approved to post through December 4, 2004.

That's four years. Some of the posters I put up around campus don't hang around for more than four minutes. Freshman have morphed into seniors and graduated from Lee since that bulletin board has been changed.

And why? Because it's locked. And the key is missing.

That's all you need for your club or team to become immortal. Just ensure that the key to the encased bulletin board happens to go missing.

If it's really that tough for anyone to get into, I'm surprised the government doesn't consider keeping documents from the National Archives inside. Those same Lee posters, plus the Magna Carta or whatever, will likely still be in mint condition when my children graduate from Lee in 2030.

Today flyers and posters are simply taped atop the glass surface, a cover-up for a serious maintenance operation that should have been completed four years ago.

It's evident Lee has learned its lesson though. Try finding another encased board anywhere on campus...

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