Monday, September 15, 2008

Picture Imperfect

Hanging dark pieces of wood on the wall must be in style.

After all, Lee University has set the trend. In some instances, the planks have been devoid of their traditional photograph-holding responsibilities for years.

Where are the missing photographs? Come now, Lee – Do people really just walk out of campus buildings with giant pictures in their hands? I mean, who couldn't resist taking one of those gorgeous photos of a jaw-dropped choir or a sweaty man arm wrestling?

Lee, couldn't you have picked better photos? Even if the school mounted photos of the bare planks themselves it could be considered an improvement than some of the weird 1990s shots floating around the walls already. In fact, you're welcome to use the photos I've attached with this blog post.

But what if we want something better? We are Lee University after all. This is a campus where students can submit their photos to the website for $25 to live off of every month. Where's the e-mail address students can submit photos to for the purpose of being blown up and hung?

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I will take some pictures and submit them. Maybe then the weird, wooden planks on the walls will not look so lonely.