Monday, September 8, 2008

Nemesi Series: School Websites

Welcome to Part III of our showdown series between Lee University and our sister-nemesi Washington and Lee University and Lee College.

Today's threat: School Websites

Lee College:

You can tell they're trying. They honestly are. But the clutter of logos and icons and links litter what would otherwise be a somewhat decent attempt at a Web 2.0-style homepage. In fact, their "Presidential Search" page has a better design than their official site.

Washington and Lee University:

It feels the most professional, but also burdensome. News and events are easy to read and pages are crisp with inviting icons and colorful pictures.

Lee University:

The front page feels simplistic and small, though clean and easily navigable. The most important information is easy to get to without having to search through large amounts of links and text. Overall the site has an open feel, enticing more clicks to more pages. However, some pages feel a bit clunky and could use a redesign.

The Winner: Washington and Lee University. The site is complex enough to feel advanced and intellectual, but is clean enough to deliver content and information effectively.

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