Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nemesi Series: Campus Maps

Welcome to Part II of our new showdown series between Lee University and our sister-nemesi Washington and Lee University and Lee College.

Today's threat: Campus Maps

Lee University:

Lee's campus map is both functional and easy to look at, and deserves praise for including a local area map in the lower left corner. While the campus is spread too wide to allow for better detail, the buildings are still easy enough to identify on their own. In addition, the trolly route and visitor parking is easily identified, a plus for new visitors.

Lee College:

The Lee College campus map easily claims the title for the ugliest school map available online. While buildings are labeled on their rooftops for easy identification, the lack of color and general lack of detail detract from any initial desire to even use the map. While the buildings all resemble strangely-shaped white puzzle pieces, visitors can easily count every parking spot available in each lot on campus.

Washington and Lee University:

The most beautiful and complicated map of the three, Washington and Lee University provides a richly detailed and visually appealing map that also feels text heavy and lopsided. Overall the map feels more like an arial photo than a directional guide. However, the number of buildings and lack of spacing may make visitors feel claustrophobic even before they set foot on campus.

The Winner: Washington and Lee University. The map feels professional, draws visitors in with its abundance of substance, and makes the campus feel like a picture-perfect spot to have a picnic and enjoy the scenery.

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