Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nemesi Series: Domain Names

Introducing our new showdown series between Lee University and our sister-nemesi Washington and Lee University and Lee College:

Today's threat: Domain Names

Lee University: Getting to the school's webpage is a hassle. is relatively long when it comes to domain names. Google? Six letters. Lee University? Thirteen letters. That's more than double.

And Lee's web traffic could be more than double if only the institution embraced a shorter domain name. 

What about Short, sweet, fast. Well, not so fast. Turns out that's already owned. The alternative is, which we do own. However, that simple but beautiful domain links to our simple but utterly ugly and useless e-mail server. 

Sure SquirrelMail is free.... But so is GMail. Hmm... 20 Megabytes or 8 gigabytes?

Washington and Lee University: Our chief competition owns the elegant and short However, because of the nature of the name of the institution, owning and might also be a good idea. Demerits for the lack of preparedness.

Lee College: They stole the domain name and pointed it toward a far less beautiful site.

The Winner: Lee College. The simple domain name is hard to forget, easy to type and fast to find.

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