Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lee takes a step up

We who are afraid of heights salute those who climb to the peaks of Lee to ensure that the university continues to function from the top down.

This is our tribute to the high and mighty:
A man stands on a ladder to set traps for squirrel catching in the Deacon Jones Dining Hall.
A similar man (clone?) stands atop electronic scaffolding in the unfinished Walker Arena lobby to add finishing touches to drywall before the dome covers it whole.
Changing light bulbs in the student union requires this really, really cool giraffe machine.
Cleaning the windows of the giant tic-tac-toe board on the front of the Humanities Center takes an incredible amount of balance. Surely this man believes he is prepared for eternal life. Who else would climb that?
Scaling the dome of the Walker Arena is no small feat, although it does require small feet. Big boots just don't find their place as well on this half-sphere. But don't worry, they look right at home up there.
Someone has to wash the windows on the third floor of the Centenary building. I don't think you'd do it.
A man stands on a raised platform as the top of Cross Hall is repainted.
A man stands in charge at the top as Atkins-Ellis Hall is pressure-washed.
A lightbulb is changed on top of a ladder in the Johnson Lecture Hall in the Humanities Center.
The windows for the campus bookstore at the PCSU are washed.

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