Saturday, September 13, 2008

It almost was: PCSU 1st Floor

In the first segment of the "It almost was" series, we explore the design changes made to the Paul Conn Student Union before construction:

A: The top portion of the publications lab, right above that stray column, is now composed of offices for the editors of the yearbook and newspaper. In addition, the locations of the storage supply closet and the (now obsolete) darkroom are switched.

B: That second office is now an audio recording lab for telecommunication students, open to the first floor lobby.

C: The door leading directly from the corridor into the publications lab is actually a solid wall. Also, the window on the left was moved into the wall separating the meeting room from the post office. And a close look will reveal that the elevator has a "down button" on the first floor. Go check it out for yourself!

D: That oddly separated meeting room and "SEC/WTG" is all one classroom now, and that pesky elevator equipment room disappeared.

E: The world's largest janitor's closet was actually split to make room for a Sodexho office. The closet opens to the stairwell now instead of the lobby, and the door to the men's restroom and water fountains swapped spots.

F: The window to the commuter services area is now an external door. And of course, Jazzman's Cafe stole that whole plot from the commuters in a violent battle a few years back. Coffee beans and travel-bingos were flying everywhere.

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