Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Inside Preview: Golden Ducks vs. OBGYN

Cleveland, Tenn. - Tomorrow evening at 9 p.m., the Golden Ducks will meet OBGYN (O'Bannon Got Your Number) in a rematch of last years B-League Championship game. It will, no doubt, be a spectacle to behold as both teams boast undefeated records and have only met previously in Championship games.

The decision was made this year by League Commissioner, Eric Eledge, to place OBGYN in the same division as the Golden Ducks.

"We really wanted to make things interesting this year. Putting OBGYN and the Ducks in the same division accomplishes that. This will be the most anticipated regular season matchup in years," Eledge commented Tuesday.

The star power at this game should be unbelievable. The teams will showcase a combined nine All-Americans along with reigning Coach of the Year, Ben Pressley. Commissioner Eledge has also reported that the game has been sold out.

Unlike most rivalries in Lee Intramurals this one is friendly. The reason for this is the mutual respect that each team feels for the other.

"We like playing OBGYN. Its always fun to play a worthy opponent to see where you stack up compared to the best. There are no hard feelings between us. We enjoy this rivalry," Golden Ducks 3B Bairet Bazemore remarked on Monday.

OBGYN 3B Zach Buechner agreed when made aware of Bazemore's comments during an interview on Tuesday.

"We feel the same way on our team. We've been looking forward to this game since the schedules were released. Its going to be phenomenal," said Buechner.

While the rivalry is friendly, there are many things at stake for both teams headed into tomorrow evening's game. First and foremost is an undefeated record and the division championship. This matchup means that one of these teams will not go undefeated and win a division championship for this first time in three seasons.

Also at stake is pride and bragging rights. Two seasons ago OBGYN knocked off the surging Golden Ducks for their first title. A season later, the Ducks returned the favor. Which team will have the upper hand and gain an edge headed into the playoffs?

No matter the winner this game promises to be one for the ages.

By: Bairet Bazemore

September 17, 2008

Golden Ducks vs. OBGYN Highlights

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